Tesla Breaks New Ground: Tesla planning to build 30,000 sq ft service centre in Kelowna, B.C.

Toronto, Ontario – Tesla owners continue to gain Canadian connections with the company officially opening up its Supercharger network in the country.

Recently, Tesla activated Supercharger Magic Dock networks in North Bay and Deep River, Ontario.

With this activation, non-Tesla owners will also be able to pay to plug their electric vehicles (EVs) into the Supercharger network–although, not for free.

As with non-Tesla Supercharger sites in the US, Europe, and Australia, there is the option for customers to purchase a Supercharging membership, which in Canada will cost $16.99 per month, comparable to the price in the US at $12.99. With that membership, non-Tesla EV owners will pay the same flat rate as Tesla owners, $0.47/kWh at Deep River or $0.48/kWh at North Bay.

North Bay and Deep River were selected as pilot locations, as announced by the federal government earlier this year, with Tesla agreeing to open 750 Supercharger stations across Canada by 2025.

The new Supercharger networks have been fitted with a built-in Combined Charging System (CCS) adapter with Tesla also adding a new section on their mobile app that shows the pricing options for non-Tesla drivers.

At this time, the locations of future Magic Dock networks is unknown, but previous press releases from this year indicate that the focus will be on the Trans-Canada route from Ottawa to Calgary.

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