Charging Cords Gone Wild: Electrical Safety Authority performs ‘safety blitz’ on Toronto EV charger installations

Mississauga, Ontario – Is that a charging cord or a skipping rope in my front yard? The Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) in Toronto has uncovered some concerning safety violations in EV charger installations and use.

In a recent “safety blitz,” the ESA uncovered more than 400 incidents of EV charging station installation violations.

These violations included many safety concerns such as Toronto neighbourhoods with extension cords running across sidewalks, charging stations mounted in trees, and installations that had been made by contractors without an ESA permit.

Steve Nelson, General Manager of Central Region, Electrical Safety Authority, stated that “with more Ontarians using electric vehicles, prioritizing safe charging practices is critical. By purchasing a certified charging system and having a Licensed Electrical Contractor with an ESA permit install it, Ontarians can contribute to a safer EV ecosystem.”

Unsafe charging conditions pose a major safety risk for an individual’s car or home. Charging cords running across sidewalks present both a tripping hazard and a potential shock risk, and improper charging station installations can pose a potential fire risk.

As a result, the ESA has launched a public safety campaign with a focus on imparting the importance of only using approved charging equipment that has been installed by a licensed electrical contractor with an ESA permit.

Steps that can be taken by an individual to ensure a safe EV charger installation include: purchasing a Canadian-certified charger, hiring a licensed electrical contractor, getting a permit with the ESA, and contacting your local utility.

With a larger number of Canadians considering or committing to the EV wave, maintaining a consistent regulation of charging stations will become more and more necessary in ensuring that electric vehicles have a bright future.

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