Sharper Lines: Tesla Model 3 gets aesthetic revamp, longer range

Shanghai, China — Tesla has unveiled an update to its Model 3 EV and, while it’s currently only available to the Chinese and European markets, the new model has up to 50 percent new parts when compared to its predecessor.

The new Model 3 features sleeker headlights and taillights with a new LED structure; plus a new front bumper camera. Bodylines have been described as “sharper” with a “less frog-like appearance”–Tesla fans have long compared Tesla’s curved bodylines to a tadpole or a frog.

A 2021 Tesla Model 3 versus a revamped Tesla Model 3.

New acoustic double-pane back glass on the rear windshield and windows will help Tesla passengers experience 30 percent less wind and ambient noise and a 20 percent decrease in road noise. Significant changes were also made to interior components, including an 8″ rear touchscreen for passengers to control climate and entertainment and a remastered steering wheel that swaps traditional turning stalks for haptic on-wheel controls.

The new Model 3 also has a 553-kilometre range, which is 12 percent longer than the Model 3 currently sold in North America.

The new design will not be available in Canada or the United States in 2023, Tesla reported on Friday. Fans of the brand do speculate it will be available to the Canadian market one day, considering Teslas sold in Canada are now built-in and sourced from China.

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