EV/AV Report: EVs on water; self-driving cars get speeding tickets

Toronto, Ontario – In this weekly electric and autonomous vehicle report, Poseidon Amphibworks announces their patent for a new EV carboat prototype; and a Tesla driver gets charged for speeding with their car on autopilot

Don’t forget your water shoes!

Have you ever looked at an Amphicar and said–man, I wish that was an EV? Well, good news for you: Poseidon Amphibworks, a Pacific beach start-up, announces its patent application for a “first-of-its-kind,” “all-electric, climate-friendly amphibious vehicle.

The prototype, referred to as the Trident LS-7 model, is an electric amphibious hydrofoil carboat intended as the forerunner of a new family of vehicles designed to transport on both land and water.

Steve E. Tice, Poseidon Amphibworks CEO stated: “I realized I wanted to get into a niche that would serve not only as a recreational boat and taxi ferry but also be amphibious, so I hooked up with another person experienced in amphibious, Andy Langesfeld, and we discussed what it would take to put an amphibious/land vehicle on the market. Andy and I decided to enlist experts to basically tell us what we needed to have, and then we decided to design that vehicle and build a prototype. We formed Poseidon to do that in January 2022.”

The Trident LS-7 will possess such functionalities as transportation, recreation, camping, light hauling, and the potential for flood rescue.

Other amenities will include a reconfigurable rear deck, flexible windows, soft tops, a camping kit, and electric clutches allowing for flat-towing that currently, no other EV offers today.

On their website,, Poseidon Amphibworks notes that: “The $27 billion-plus recreational boat market is underserved. But our company’s unique electric amphibious highway-legal vehicles, due to hydrofoils, will be able to compete against fossil fuel-powered boats, providing the lowest operational costs, and multiple applications (land or water), while offering a smooth ride with the highest value.”

While other non-hydrofoil electric boats are currently in the $300,000-plus range, Poseidon Amphibworks believes that they can largely undercut this margin once Trident boats are on the market.

Although the concept of an amphibious carboat may feel like something out of James Bond or Inspector Gadget, Poseidon Amphibworks has already acquired 2,000-plus followers on social media and 25 investors, with many people interested in purchasing their prototype and awaiting demonstrations in the future.

Ghost Driver

Who takes the blame when a self-driving car speeds?

This past Thursday, Thunder Bay OPP (Ontario Provincial Police) charged a man operating a Tesla Model 3 for going 125km/h in a posted 90km/h along the Trans-Canada Highway.

When stopped by the police on Highway 11-17 near Highway 527 in northwestern Ontario, the man claimed that it was “impossible” he was speeding as his “car drives itself.”

In an email to CTV News, police commented: “Well, this is a new one for us.”

No one was injured, and police remind drivers to follow appropriate traffic laws regardless of vehicle model.

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