I am thrilled to share the incredible success of the EV Repair Tour, supported by Fix Network. For those who missed it, the 2023 EV Repair Tour was a collision repair education and information series that took our industry by storm. As the publisher of Collision Repair magazine, it fills me with immense pride to witness the enthusiasm and passion with which the collision repair sector has embraced the electric revolution.

Since 2002, our publications have been at the forefront of supporting the industry through its challenges, and the EV Repair Tour, supported by Fix Network, stands as a shining example of our publication’s commitment to driving growth and excellence. This electrifying tour equipped professionals with the necessary tools and knowledge to navigate the intricacies of EV repair, setting the stage for a future that is increasingly electric.

The response from the industry has been nothing short of inspiring. Shop owners, technicians, suppliers, distributors—even insurance adjusters!—have come together as a united force, eager to learn and adapt to the evolving landscape of EV repair. It is this collective spirit that will propel us forward, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of innovation and technological advancements.

The knowledge shared during the EV Repair Tour has been a game-changer. Professionals across the industry have gained a deeper understanding of battery technology, charging infrastructure, and the unique intricacies of repairing electric vehicles. This newfound expertise will not only enhance the quality of our work but also position us as leaders in the field, ready to tackle any electric challenge that comes our way.

The EV Repair Tour has sparked a wave of collaboration and camaraderie within the collision repair community. As we travelled from city to city, the energy in the room was palpable, and the excitement was contagious. Connections were forged, ideas were exchanged, and a sense of unity was established that will continue to drive us forward as we embrace an electric future together.

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to everyone who contributed to the success of the EV Repair Tour. From the dedicated organizers to the passionate participants, you have demonstrated the unwavering spirit of our industry. Together, we are paving the way for a collision repair sector that is not only proficient in EV repair but also at the forefront of sustainability, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

As we conclude this exhilarating chapter, let us remember that this is just the beginning. The journey towards an electric future is an ongoing one, filled with new challenges and opportunities. But with our collective knowledge, passion, and unwavering commitment, I have no doubt that we will continue to push the boundaries of what is possible.

So, let’s rev our engines and set our sights on the road ahead. Together, we will navigate the twists and turns, embracing the electrifying potential of our industry. The EV Repair Tour may have come to an end for this year, but the impact it has made will resonate for years to come. Thank you for leading the charge.


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