Not the Drive-in: Ford patents retractable screen in ‘frunk’ 

Detroit, Michigan ⁠— Fans of electric vehicles and drive-in movie theatres will be thrilled to know Ford has filed a new feature that turns the F-150 Lightning’s “front trunk”—or “frunk” —into a retractable projector screen.

The patent, first uncovered by Motorauthority and published April 24, 2024, details a large screen that is extendable from a case mounted toward the back of the frunk. When the frunk is open, the screen can rise out of a slot in the housing when summoned. The automaker suggests the feature will be ideal for entertainment when tailgating or camping. 

A smaller projector can also be mounted to the underside of the front grille. 

Rivian filed a similar patent last year⁠—a projector screen that can be used within the R1T electric pickup’s gear tunnel. Rivian’s patent, however, features a screen about double the size of Ford’s.

Ford has previously filed patent applications for entertainment-focused features, like a fold-out table and Bluetooth speakers, though not much has surfaced since those patents were originally filed. 

Click here to see the patent.


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