Keep Current: Collision Repair magazine to host EV Tour in cities across Canada, starting in August

Toronto, Ontario — We are thrilled to announce the launch of Collision Repair magazine’s highly anticipated Keep Current EV Tour—an exclusive event designed to equip professionals in the collision repair industry with essential knowledge and insights on the future of repair in Canada. 

As the authoritative voice of the Canadian collision repair industry, we understand the importance of staying ahead in this ever-changing landscape. The Keep Current EV Tour, co-hosted with Fix Network, comes at a time when electric vehicles (EVs) are rapidly gaining momentum in Canada. In Q4 2022 alone, an astonishing 33,399 new ZEVs were registered, pushing the national market share to an impressive 9.6 percent. It’s clear that EVs are here to stay, and we believe it is crucial for collision repair professionals to be well-prepared for the exciting changes ahead.

The Canadian Government has set ambitious goals, aiming for 60 percent of all new car sales to be EVs by 2030, with a complete transition to electric sales by 2035. To navigate this transformative shift, it is vital for collision repair businesses to embrace the future of repair and acquire the knowledge and skills required to effectively service electric vehicles.

The Keep Current EV Tour will feature a series of engaging events across multiple locations, bringing together industry experts, thought leaders, and passionate professionals. These events will provide invaluable insights, practical advice, and expert perspectives on a wide range of topics, including emerging technologies, safety considerations, and environmental sustainability in the realm of EV repair.

Keep an eye out here and on social media for our upcoming events:

  • TORONTO, ONTARIOAugust 23 — Fix Network Training Centre Milton
  • SASKATOON, SASKATCHEWAN September 8 — SAAR Fall Forum at Prairieland Park Hall E
  • CALGARY, ALBERTASeptember 27 — Fix Network Training Centre Calgary
  • VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA — October 18 — BCIT Vancouver Campus

The Keep Current EV Tour will keep you up to date with exclusive news, videos and insider content that will keep you informed and at the forefront of the industry. Follow us on social media and keep an eye out for event details, speaker profiles, and registration information.

Don’t miss this exceptional opportunity to future-proof your collision repair business and become a leader in the EV repair landscape. The Keep Current EV Tour is your gateway to success in the exciting era of electric vehicles. 

Join us on this transformative journey and be prepared for the remarkable changes ahead!

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