Infrastructure Influences: New report from the Electric Vehicle Council highlights key preferences of EV drivers

Toronto, Ontario — The Electric Vehicle Council (EVC) recently released a report highlighting electric vehicle (EV) market insights in the United States in order to highlight the current preferences and perceptions of drivers, charging station operators and site hosts.

The intention of the report was to specifically address the current perceptions and behaviours of light duty EV drivers and charging station operators and site hosts. To do this, the EVC surveyed these groups in four separate phases.

According to the report some key findings include that “data shows that about half of electric vehicle drivers’ households own at least one other type of vehicle in addition to their EV. 25 percent have a liquid fuel vehicle and 21 percent have a hybrid. This means that a significant number of EV drivers need to find both petroleum-based stations and charging stations.”

“Moreover, 62 percent of EV drivers report that their driving mileage has not changed since having an EV and 31 percent say they are driving more.”

The report also notes that “results show that EV drivers have amenities and service preferences. They discriminate between EV charging stations based on the amenities offered.”

In particular, the top five preferred amenities and services reported by consumers polled included: multiple charging spots allocated at a location; charging stations being open 24/7; having chargers located in highly visible areas; bright lighting around charging units; and visible security cameras located at charging locations.

To read the full report, click below.





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