Electric Incentives: Manitoba budget likely to include $4,000 EV credit, say reports

Winnipeg, Manitoba — Manitoba’s New Democratic Party (NDP) government is set to deliver its first budget since winning last October’s election and this may include a $4,000 electric vehicle (EV) credit for consumers.

The NDP’s budget proposal will be tabled on Tuesday and will cover a variety of topics such as a potential tax break, property tax changes and income tax policy changes, among others.

According to an NDP spokesperson, the party is also expected to fulfill some of the promises made during its election campaign.

“This budget is going to show progress on the commitments we made in the election,” Finance Minister Adrien Sala said at a pre-budget event on Thursday.

Alongside this, the NDP will also consider extending the province’s fuel-tax holiday. Previously, the government temporarily suspended the 14-cents-a-litre tax on Jan. 1 for six months, and has repeatedly said the door is open to a brief extension.



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