EV/AV Report: Navigating winter weather and planning for a power surge

Toronto, Ontario — An Ottawa company trains autonomous vehicles (AVs) to drive through the harshest of Canadian winters, Mitsubishi pledges to only sell EVs and hybrids by the mid-2030s and a report predicts that 1.5 million EVs will populate Albertan roads by 2035. This is the latest in electric and autonomous vehicles. Train hard, play […]

Tesla Tints: Ultra Red paint now available on Tesla Model S, X for US$3,000

Toronto, Ontario — Tesla drivers looking for a little more middle ground in red paint options can get excited about the newly launched “Ultra Red” paint shade from the EV automaker, now available on Model S and X vehicles. According to Tesla brand observers, this new shade is expected to replace the Red Multi-coat option […]

Dealer Dilemma: High EV volumes lead to first CSI drop in 28 years, J.D. Power says

Toronto, Ontario — If your dealership shop is repairing EVs, you had better make sure you know what you’re doing, as a new report from J.D. Power has found a correlation between the recent influx of battery-powered vehicles and the first year-over-year CSI index decline in 28 years. The automotive advocacy organization reported Thursday that […]

Market Response: Tesla cuts Model X prices for second time this year

Toronto, Ontario — As of Sunday, prices have been slashed on Tesla’s Model X crossover vehicle by $7,000–the second time Tesla has reduced prices in Canada this year. According to Bloomberg, the all-wheel drive Model X now begins at $135,990 while the Model X Plaid begins at $149,990. Similar cuts were made in the United […]