Lets collaborate - together we would be electric

The Need for an EV Tour

In 2020 18,000 ZEV (zero emissions vehicles) were registered, with 67 percent being electric vehicles. By 2030, The International Energy Agency estimates that 145 million electric vehicles will be on the road. This indicates a rapidly growing industry with electric vehicles—but the number of repair facilities that work on EVs is not proportional to the number of EVs that will be on Canadian roads in the next decade. Canada’s collision repair shops need help to prepare for the future.


Leading the Way in EV Collision Repair Technology

We are Collision Repair magazine, the authoritative voice of the Canadian collision repair industry. With more than 20 years of experience, the magazine is more than just a publication—it’s part of the collision repair community.

We are uniquely positioned to help the industry embrace EV repair and take us all into the future. Check out these publications at


Safeguarding the Future of Collision Repair

Collision Repair magazine’s Keep Current EV Tour is an innovative tour across 5 Canadian cities, designed to educate and engage professionals and provide a platform for the latest advancements and developments in EV repair.

Each event will educate collision repair shopowners, manufacturers, insurers, and all verticals of the industry on what the nearfuture will bring with the essential knowledge and skills required to repair EVs. We’re empowering the collision repair community towards a bright EV future!


Collaborating for a Greener Tomorrow

We are charging ahead with our Keep Current EV Tour. Join us! We’re partnering with different companies in the industry to show the collision repair community that we’re all in this together. There are several ways in which you can contribute to an event as a partner:

▶ Product Samples or Demonstrations: Loan equipment or technology to support the event, such as EV parts or examples for demonstration on the topic.

▶ Expert Speakers: Provide expert speakers or panelists to share their knowledge and insights on industry-related topics.

▶ Sponsorship: Sponsor the event at several locations across the country for a farreaching impact.

▶ Product Giveaways: Offer product giveaways as a way to engage with attendees and generate interest in your brand.

We are eager to work with you to craft your involvement in the event to best suit your goals. Keep Current EV Tour is the perfect opportunity to connect with the Canadian collision industry, and be a part of our future together.


Driving Progress in Electric Vehicle Collision Repair

The Keep Current EV Tour is a unique opportunity to bring your side of the EV industry to the forefront. Our event is designed to provide maximum exposure and brand recognition. Here are just a few of the benefits of joining us on the Keep Current EV Tour:

▶ A demonstration of your company’s commitment to innovation and progress in the EV collision repair industry.

▶ Access to a highly engaged and motivated audience of industry professionals.

▶ Opportunities for direct interaction and engagement with key industry players, share your knowledge, and build brand awareness.

▶ By also being featured in our upcoming EV Repair magazine, you’ll get exposure to a large number of already engaged readers.


Building a Better Future for Electric Vehicles

If you are interested in joining with us and helping this tour take shape in a way that works best with your business goals, just email James Kerr at, and we will send you the full sponsorship package with all the details.